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Give Your Music The Quality It Needs!

If you have a metal band, and you are planning to publish a song, an ep or an album in this day and age, you cannot afford your music to sound whack, or even subpar.


Wanna get noticed by labels, webzines, or even by people listening everyday on Youtube or Spotify? Then you have to take the sound of your offering very seriously! That's why you need a team of professionals that know your style and can deliver the quality your music needs.


Check out why artists such as "The Modern Age Slavery", "Nightland", "Darkend", "Injury", "Dominance" and many others have choosen Audiocore Studio!


Book one of the offerings below, from today until 31 December, and enjoy our services at an unbelievable price* (once booked, you can use your offer until the end of 2018).


What's so special about this offer?

Well fist of all, normally a song gets mixed and mastered by us in our studio for 200 €. This means 5 songs are usually 1000 € and an album is 2000. But it does't end here! We will also reamp your guitar and bass D.I.s at no extra charge! This is something we usually charge between 30 to 50 euro PER SONG!.

By buying our 5 songs bundle, for example, you are saving more than 500 €! You do the math!

You also get 3 revisions for free so you know you will be happy with the final results. Turnarounds are pretty quick too, expect to get your single in 2/3 days, your 5 songs in 1 week time and your 10 songs in a couple weeks time.

You will only have to send us your stems through WeTransfer or Dropbox and we'll do the rest. We will of course send you all instructions to your email once you booked your service, so don't worry about anything.

So are you ready to work with us?

And What If I Need Different Services?

Maybe you need editing, vocal tuning, arrangements or a full production. Maybe you want to come to our studio and track everything here with us before Mixing and Mastering. Or you need special services like videoclips, graphics or label research.


We have a solid team of partners that can get you almost wherever you want to go music related. Just hit the button below and we will come back at you with our best offer. Of course quote you have been on this page so we can give you the same deals, if mix and mastering is needed!

* max 25 stereo or mono tracks per song! Extras like tuning, editing, extra production etc. are not included.

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